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  • Much simple mask of wrinkles


    This cover is particularly great for very dry aging skin. Ingredients not think it is easier, and the preparation of elementary does not happen. But to ablution off a cover, will possess unpleasantness. But it's possible it's worth. However, even with a cover for a face as well so elsewhere, are not you try - do not know.

    The cover of wrinkles

    1 egg yolk,

    1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn butter,

    Saline (salt, sodium chloride) on a tip of a knife.

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    Ripe banana cover of skin wrinkles


    Cut the pulp in 0.5 peeled ripe banana, add 2 tablespoons spoon of cream and 1 tablespoon spoon of millet or oat flour.

    Use cover of skin wrinkles to clean damp facial skin, neck skin, decollete. If desired, you can use a cover and hands.

    Leave for 20 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming h2o. If necessary, inflict fluid.

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    Medium banana and red apple on the first wrinkles



    Third slightly overripe big bananas

    0.5 peeled and core a apple,

    1 spoon soup spoon of whole milk

    1 tablespoons spoon of white or brownness saccharose.

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    Acid Cover for Dry Face


    Sauerkraut with curds - some elite sour for dry facial skin. Young skin will be delighted with such exquisite dishes!

    The cover

    1 soup spoon spoon sauerkraut.

    1 spoon Spoon yogurt.

    1 tsp. Of olive oil or grape seed oil.

    If a mask turned out too liquid thickeners its white clay, chocolate-brown fresh bread crumbs or ground oats.

    Production and use masks

    Chop a sauerkraut in a blender or finely chop and mix up with serum cheese and the butter.

    Use to clean, dry skin of a facial skin and neck skin (if a skin is thick here.)

    Hold for 20-25 minutes, rinse with heartwarming h2o, rinse with cold-blooded facial skin.

    Course masks

    2-3 covers a 7 days for a 30 days.

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    Ripe avocado with grapefruit for lights and power


    1 tablespoons Spoon ripe avocado,

    1 tsp. Recent grapefruit fresh juice

    Corn starch or corn (buckwheat, oat) flour.

    Mix the ripe avocado with lemon juice and thicken the mask starch or flour. Use in circular massage movements to damp and steamed polish facial skin, leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, a small massotherapy and rinse with cool water.

    This homemade masks for fase mask promises to nourish a face for a while to polish great lines and reduce deep.

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